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 Pink Floyd - More (Soundtrack for the film) 1969

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СообщениеТема: Pink Floyd - More (Soundtrack for the film) 1969   Ср 06 Окт 2010, 18:47

Cirrus Minor

In a churchyard by a river
Lazing in the haze of midday
Laughing in the grasses and the graves

Yellow bird you are not lone
In signing and in flying on
In laughing and in leaving

Willow weeping in the water
Waving to the river-daughters
Swaying in the ripples and the reeds

On a trip to Cirrus Minor
Saw a crater in the sun
A thousand miles of moonlight later

The Nile Song

I was standing by the Nile
When I saw the lady smile
I would take her out for a while, for a while
Like tears that like a child
How her golden hair was blowing wild
Then she spread her wings to fly, for to fly
Soaring high above the breezes
Going always where she pleases

She will make it to the island in the sun
I will follow her in her shadow
And I'll watch her from my window
One day I will catch her

She is calling from the deep
Summoning my soul to endless sleep
She is bound to drag me down, drag me down.

Crying Song

We smile and smile
Laughter echoes in your eyes
We climb and climb
Fruit falls softly in the pines
We cry and cry
Sadness passess in a while
We roll and roll
Help me roll away the stone


The path you tread is narrow
And the trumpets sheer and very high
The ravens all are watching
From a vantage point near by
Apprehension creeping like a tube
Train up your spine
Will the tight rope reach the end,
Will the final couplet rhyme
And it's high time, Cymbaline
Please wake me

A butterfly with broken wings
Is falling by your side
The ravens all are closing in,
There's nowhere you can hide
Your manager and agent
Are both busy on the phone
Selling coloured photographs
To magazines back home
And it's high time, Cymbaline
Please wake me

The lions converging where you stand,
They must have moved the picture plain
The leaves are heavy 'round your feet,
You hear the thunder of the train
Suddenly it strikes you
That they're moving into range
And Doctor Strange is always changing size
And it's high time, Cymbaline
Please wake me

Ibiza Bar

I'm so afraid of the mistakes that I made
Making every time that I lay
I feel like an oddball with a cut-off mind
So if you excuse me it's time
When the count is rhymed
And the story-line is fine

I've been amazed since the first day
I can't get a line too close
Take me down, take me down
From the cell of my mind
And hear me slowly floating lonely somwhere

I live far enough on a shelf like a dress
On the end of all that reads like a sad song
Leaves began to grow beautiful
And years they began
And hear me slowly floating lonely
Flowing down too slow


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Pink Floyd - More (Soundtrack for the film) 1969
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